Our challenge is to create standardization of power infrastructure for the AAM industry with focus on corporate entities of commercial enterprise, goods and service industry. As our solution we will work as Project Renewabull within the Department of Transportation in conjunction with NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration for standardization of infrastructure for all AAM systems.

By standardizing the power infrastructure component for AAM industry the production of these systems will be one more step closer to sustainability and waste reduction. Renewabull Energy is standardizing power systems among all VTOL vehicles through the use of modular battery packs. Creating efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, supporting local communities while serving the commercial enterprise, goods and service industry.

Since VTOL flight is still in its inception stage, it would benefit the vertiport mission greatly to mandate this standardization through certification requirements of global participants.

In doing so, the charge/power infrastructure can be better developed to addresses several issues, such as:

•Minimizing the time required at charge ports to fit within a 15 minute time frame

•Reducing the possibility of overloading local power infrastructure due to charge requirements

•Minimize the environmental possibility of third party precious metal mismanagement (bad battery recycling)

Additionally, VTOL vehicles could serve local communities by using clean generated power and serve as an emergency power supply service if the need arises. If this standardization process is adopted early enough, it will also reduce the research and development costs of global and local participants.

Desired Performance Objectives

Our expectations for the AAM’s is to use the research our engineering team provided to support our proposal for a substantial power infrastructure. Our project would allow it to be brought into a reality based on the current knowledge and technologies that are out there. The technology would additionally provide a better impact to our environment.

“Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you’ll fly.” – Anonymous