•3 Phase mission, ranging from its conception in mid-2022 to the mission launch projection of late 2024 to early 2025.

•Phase A (2022) includes the assembly of the team and the project proposal for Project: Renewabull. As well as doing the overall research of the mission concept searching for a solution for an overarching problem of lack of standardization of rechargeable battery packs

•Phase B (2022-23) includes FAA regulation research as well as the certification needed to finalize battery infrastructure for Phase C and beyond

•Phase C (2023-24) is closer to completion of the mission. Necessary permits and land are acquired as well as faculty hiring periods

•2024-25 launch of infrastructure utilization for enterprise goods/services with the mindset of further expansion when needed in the future

Our goal is to provide research to suggest a better power system among Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) systems through the use of modular power packs. Team meetings allows our team members to propose any idea necessary to our project. This time allows us to address issues that we believe need to be improved. The engineering team will provide the research necessary to achieve our goal of sustainability while preventing further damage to the ecosystem. The communications team will draft and complete our statement of work and how we want our research to extend further reaching specific communities.